Rebuilding your Virtual SAN Lab? Wipe the disks first!

Are you ready to start rebuilding your Virtual SAN lab from beta builds to GA code, vSphere 5.5 U1? One thing I noticed is that the installer is extremely slow when there are Virtual SAN partitions on disk. It sits there at “VSAN: successfully initialized” for a long time and when you get to the “scanning disks” part it takes equally as long. Eventually I succeeded, but it just took a long time. Could be because I am running with an uncertified disk controller of course, either way if you are stuck in the following screen there is a simple solution.

Just wipe ALL disks first before doing the installation. I used the Gparted live ISO to wipe all my disks clean, just delete all partitions and select “apply”. Takes a couple of minutes, but saved me at least 30 minutes waiting during the installation.

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    1. Matt says

      Ran into the same issue – now I’m starting from scratch but when I attempt to add my two disks to my first disk group it seems to just hang on “Initialize disks to be used by VSAN” in Recent Tasks – been running about 20 minutes now. Worked fine in the Beta. Hopefully it will time out eventually and provide me with some worthwhile error.

    2. says

      I used gparted to wipe a few Disks and SSDs. But I was not able to re-use the SSDs even if it had no partitions on the devices.
      I had to go back in gparted and use the Devices menu, and create a Partition Table with the GPT option and apply it.

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