How to register a Storage Provider using the vSphere Web Client

I needed to register a Storage Provider for vSphere Storage APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA) today. I force myself to use the vSphere Web Client and it had me looking for this option for a couple of minutes. It actually was the second time this week I had to do this, so I figured if I need to search for it there will probably be more people hitting the same issue. So where can you register those VASA Storage Provider’s in the Web Client?

  • In your vSphere Web Client “home screen” click “vCenter”
  • Now in the “Inventory Lists” click “vCenter Servers”
  • Select your “vCenter Server” in the left pane
  • Click the “Manage” tab in the right pane
  • Click “Storage Provider” in the right pane
  • Click on the “green plus”
  • Fill out your details and hit “OK” just like the example below (VNX, block storage)
    registering a Storage Provider

I personally find this not very intuitive and would prefer to have it in the Rules and Profiles section of the Web Client, and when I do configure it… I should be able to configure it for all vCenter Server instances just by select all or individual vCenter Servers. Do you agree? I am going to push for this within VMware, so if you don’t agree, please speak up and let me know why :-).

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    1. Maher AlAsfar says

      Make sense absolutely. My only concern would be that the VASA provider needed or being used by all the vCenter Server is the same as different vCenter may be managing different clusters that uses different storage vendors there for you would need different VASA provider for that particular storage brand that is in use



    2. Dhaval Ajwalia says

      I am just worried with the thought of C# based client going away. Yes, change is difficult and we will all adjust one day with the web client. However the intuitiveness of the interface drives an end user. We all would agree that our good old client is way better in providing simple interface that is very powerful and the web client cannot come closer to that.