Awesome appliance, vCenter Support Assistant

Today an awesome appliance called the vCenter Support Assistant was made available to the world. I have seen some screenshots and a demo and feel that this appliance is a MUST HAVE for anyone who files Support Requests. Just the fact that you can do that from a single interface, which also allows you to upload the support bundle just makes life a whole lot easier.

vCenter Support Assistant

Ryan Johnson wrote an excellent article on this topic… and I am going to steal his thunder so I suggest you head over to the VMware TAM Program blog (open to everyone) and read up on this excellent Appliance.

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    1. Phil says

      It is indeed an appliance that you deploy and then utilize a plugin for vCenter to use it. I was involved in the beta program and really enjoyed the functionality of this product. I’m glad to see it so quickly became available outside of beta. I urge everyone to get this as it makes creating cases and uploading logs a breeze.

    2. says

      I know what I’m doing Monday morning. This can be extremely helpful. I wonder how other companies will react. I wouldn’t be so agreeable to a virtual appliance if it wasn’t vmware . Cool stuff.

    3. YB says

      any idea why I would receive the following when launching the plugin?

      http error 404
      problem accessing /ui/Main.html. Reason:
      Not Found

      • Dag Kvello says

        I’m getting the same “Problem accessing /ui/Main.html”

        It’s a brand new, first time in a new, clean vCenter.

        • YB says

          I got it working in the end. It seems you need DHCP working for the appliance to get an IP during the initial install. I’m pretty sure that was the problem.

          • Steve says

            So, what are you supposed to do if you need to deploy in an environment without DHCP? I guess I need to open an SR.

            • YB says

              My environment, or more specifically the data center network segment does not have dhcp at all. i created the scope just for this purpose and gave it a block of 5 addresses, and then disable the whole scope after the fact.

    4. Sam says

      Hi Duncan are the logs being saved within the VC or on the Virtual appliance .Jus so that I do not have any space constraint on the VC.