vSphere 5.1 Clustering Deepdive only $17.95, limited time!

Frank and I decided to put the vSphere 5.1 Clustering Deepdive (paper copy) up for sale for only $ 17.95. This is a limited time offer (21st of December), so if you want to get yourself, your friend-husband-father-kids or even grandmother a nice present be quick.

How’s that for a black-friday, cyber-monday, christmas / sinterklaas special? Yes indeed, the paper copy is cheaper than all e-books on vSphere 5.x out there on Amazon and with 5 stars (11 reviews) you know you can’t go wrong.

Happy holidays,

Frank and Duncan
(ps: the kindle copy is only 7.49, so even combined it is cheaper than most e-books out there :-))

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    1. says

      Hi Duncan,

      Thanks for this absolute bargain.
      Just so everyone is aware this is also reduce on amazon.co.uk to £11.01 with free posting so it works out about the same if not a few pence less than the $ price. (feel free to delete this post if I’ve crossed the line here)


    2. Ross Cavanagh says

      In Japan a mere ¥2,210 for the paperback or ¥594 for the Kindle edition. Seriously cheap price, I snapped up the kindle edition earlier (sorry, yet to get a chance to read much of it, but always reading the posts here, so I know it’s going to be awesome). If you’re ever coming to Japan, let me know! I think the whole team at where I work could do with just a minor portion of your wisdom ^_^ (can’t leave without a Japanese style emoticon).

    3. Andres says


      I bought the book a few minutes ago for only 14,77€ at amazon.es.

      It’s great has a book so great as this.