vMotion enhancement in vSphere 5.1

There’s a nice new enhancement to vMotion in vSphere 5.1. (and no, it doesn’t have specific name :-)) With vSphere 5.1 you can migrate virtual machines live without needing “shared storage”. In other words you can vMotion virtual machines between ESXi hosts with only local storage. It is very simple:

  • Open the vSphere Web Client
  • Click “VMs and Templates”
  • Right click the VM you want to migrate
  • Select “Change both host and datastore”

I am sure Frank Denneman is going to dive in to this soon so I won’t elaborate on how the process it self works. There’s already a blogpost out by Sreekant Setty which has some more details and which points to a nice white paper about vMotion / SvMotion performance.

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    1. Jack Eales says

      What version of vSphere / vCentre is required for this? I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere?

        • Jack Eales says

          I understand you need the web client… but what license level? Essentials Plus / Standard / Enterprise etc.?

            • Jack Eales says

              So… just to clarify… I can effectively use Storage vMotion to move *live* machine storage, without needing shared storage, all in Essentials Plus? I just want to be sure I’ve understood this correctly as from the product specs, sVmotion doesn’t kick in until Standard – so I’m a bit confused!

    2. Yps says

      windows client will die in next release, web client is the new one, probably thats all new features only exists in webclient.

    3. Steve says

      I have a question about one the sVmotion requirements that I have seen when doing sVmotion with no shared storage. My source hosts are running ESX and my destination hosts will be running I read that this capability requires ESX. 5.1 on the hosts so I just want to confirm that means the source and the destination?