HA advanced options

PeterB posted a topic about all known HA advanced options on the Dutch VMUG. If anyone has more options please post ’em and let’s try to make this list as long as possible:

  • das.failuredetectiontime – Amount of milliseconds, timeout time for isolation response action
  • das.isolationaddress[0-9] – IP address the ESX hosts uses validating if it is isolated from the network or not. It will use the default gateway by default. With this setting additional addresses can be configured for use.
  • das.poweroffonisolation – Values are False or True, this is for setting the isolation response. Default a VM will be powered off.
  • das.vmMemoryMinMB – Higher values will reserve more space for failovers.
  • das.vmCpuMinMHz – Higher values will reserve more space for failovers.
  • das.defaultfailoverhost – Value is a hostname, this host will be the primary failover host.
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