vSphere 5.5 nuggets: Change Disk.SchedNumReqOutstanding per device!

Always wanted to change Disk.SchedNumReqOutstanding per device instead of per host? Well now with vSphere 5.5 you can! I didn’t know about this either, but my colleague Paudie pointed this out. Useful feature when you have several storage arrays and you need to tweak these values, now lets be clear… I do not recommend tweaking this, but in the case you need to you can now do it per device using esxcli.

Get the current configured value for a specific device:
esxcli storage core device list --device <device>

Set the value for a specific device::
esxcli storage core device set -d <device> -O <value between 1-256>.

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    1. Brent Cochran says

      Cool feature – we are in the process of deploying 5.5 now and this will be very useful for getting more performance out of our AFA without destroying our SATA tier. Our host deployment scripts are all in PCLI -any chance that you know how to get into these settings with that CLI?



    2. Matan says

      Is setting this parameter persistent over reboots?
      Is there a way to set a default value for luns from specific vendor?