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For the contest we have two copies of VMware ThinApp 4.7 Essentials to be given away to two lucky winners.

How you can win:
To win your copy of this book, all you need to do is leave a comment below which highlights the reason “why you would like to win this book”.

Please note: Winners residing only in the USA and Europe would get a chance to win print copies. Others would be provided with eBook copies.

The contest is valid for 7 days, and is open to everyone. Winners will be selected on the basis of their comment posted and will be notified on Thursday December 6th.

VMware ThinApp 4.7 Essentials is written by Peter Björk.

In this book you will learn about how application virtualization works and how to deploy ThinApp packages. You will learn how to update and tweak ThinApp Projects before distribution. This book will then cover design and implementation considerations for future ThinApp projects.

This book will be useful to developers, System admins and consultants who want to install and manage a virtualized app environment using VMware ThinApp 4.7.

If you can’t wait… You can find it on Amazon here: Kindle ($ 23.25) – Paper (54.99).

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    1. says

      I would like to win this book because I’m always making ThinApps of all apps running on my laptop. On Win7 I had 90% of all my apps as ThinApps and could easily reinstall the OS when I felt my laptop became slow and by using dropbox I would just sync my apps back. This book would be great helping me also virtualize the more difficult apps.

    2. Josh says

      I would like to learn more about ThinApp and how to take advantage of learning more about the virtualization world.

    3. Kevin says

      I’m in the middle of reading “The VDI Delusion” and it makes some reference to Thinapp; would be a great treat not to have to buy it

    4. John says

      Just because Sinterklaas probably give me socks or deo and does not know about the existance of this book.

    5. Colin Westwater says

      Would love to win this. Big fan of all VMware software, and ThinApp is not something I have tried yet. Winning a copy would help….

    6. Jon says

      I would like to win this book because I am a geek and Locke VMware. I would love to know about Thinapp and have not had much time to work with it.

    7. iArno says

      I’d love to win and read this ! I should win it because I’m already virtually reading it.

    8. Chris Oates says

      I would like to win it as thinapp is one of VMwares bet kept secrets and it means I don’t need to waste another year of my life on MS App-v ….. Once I have the knowledge :)

    9. says

      I should win this book because I bought the author a beer at VMworld Europe last month.
      Actually, strictly speaking that’s not true because I expensed it.
      Sorry, perhaps I should now be disqualified from winning the book? Yes, I think that would be the only fair thing to do.

    10. Brandon Bazan says

      Hi, I am in the middle of an upgrade with Config manager 2007-2012, App-V, and looking at different MS options. I am a diehard VMware person and am trying my best to sway management to go that route. Any extra knowledge I have as far as packaging applications and VMware will only help aid in my fight to bring VMware back into our org. Thanks!

    11. John Favorite says

      Hi, I have access to the book via safaribooksonline. I am curious to know the main selling points of using ThinApp. I know very little and would like to get an overview without reading the book.. just yet. It seems like the main advantage is sandboxing apps and less intrusive installs. Thanks!

    12. says

      I would like to win this book because I can give this book of knowledge to my colleague that I constantly have a discussion with between Microsoft App-V and VMware Thinapp. So please give me this book so I’m done discussing.

    13. Juan Carlos Castro says

      I have virtualized my servers, my storage, my Clients, the backups…
      Now is time to virtualize my apps!

    14. Harry says

      I would love to win this book because i am currently working on a project to access your application anywhere, anytime, anydevice.This will help me to virtualize my application and then access them from anywhere.

    15. Wences Michel says

      I still believe in Santa and wrote him a letter asking for world peace. Also explained to him how VMware can help Santa’s IT department innovate, automate, cut costs and the elves to be more productive. Happy Holiday’s! :-)

    16. Andre says

      I’m already very familiar with the server side of VMware. Adding this book to my reading list would help me also become a ThinApp “rockstar” … just like Björk.

    17. says

      I have several customers in my district that use ZenApp for application publishing, hosted on ESX. I would like to be able to know all the capabilities of the new version of ThinApp, so I can better give them another option that would make their environment more homogeneous.

    18. Tonlo says

      I am using almost portable software … As a VMware Infrastructure Admin I should learn about ThinApp 😉

    19. Brian says

      Work daily with virtualization technologies and would love to learn more about another tool that I can use to help customers.

    20. Ben Liebowitz says

      I would like to learn more about ThinApp and this book would give me the perfect opportunity. I own your vSphere 5.1 Clustering Deepdive book so I know this book will also be very helpful to me.


      – Ben

    21. Carlos Restrepo says

      I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be – Douglas Adams

      ViVa ThinApp!


    22. Greg says

      I would like to win this book to learn more about Application Virtualization. I mostly work with Virtual Servers and I think the flexibility to virtualize applications will become increasingly in demand over the next few years.

    23. Ram says

      I would like to compare how this product is superior to app-v from ms. Having worked with MDOP 2012 &h CM2012, I would like to learn this product and it usage with vsphere/view insfrastructure.

    24. Tom EWERLING says

      “After vSphere 5.1 Clustering Deepdive” and Andre Leibovicis “VMware View 5 Desktop Virtualization” this would be the next logical step to take, especially as I’m preparing for my VCP510-DT certification before end of this year.

      With a bit of luck Santa Duncan from the R&D team can make this true :)

    25. says

      I’m big fan of peter. His blog article and comment on community helped me so many times. And I’d loved to read his ThinApp books on my Kindle and if he needed, I can help to translate into Japanese. 😉

    26. Asim says

      About a year ago, I was a small part of a team who was working on ThinApp. Right now, I’m in a position where I can introduce and sell it to the Execs in my company. It would be great to get a copy of this book to get myself familiar with the technology. Cheers!

    27. KevinE says

      I would like to win this book so i can share the knowledge with the rest of my team. Having this book would provide a valuable resource for our team that can be referenced at any time. I had the privilege of meeting the Author at VMworld 2012.

    28. Dan says

      I would love to win this book! I have packaged a few apps with ThinApp in the past but would love to take that to the next level and really start unlocking its power.

    29. Ken Williams says

      My company is looking at moving to VDI and ThinApp solutions, it would be great to get ahead of the game with this awesome book.

    30. Adam Nielson says

      I would like to win this book because I like ThinApp almost as much as I like turtles!

    31. Amit Panchal says

      I think I should win this book as having used View already I want my team to take advantage of thin app licenses we have and the best reason to kill off App V as I’m a die hard virtualisation lover !!!

    32. says

      I would like to win this book as I believe application virtualization is more then ever the future, certainly with vmware thinapp as Vmware’s whole product range is focussed on delivery of desktops and apps any place, any device and time. Also, I would like to share the knowledge of this book with my collegues who are also very deep into application virtualization technologies.

    33. says

      Would love to win this. Big fan of all VMware software, and ThinApp is not something I have tried yet. Winning a copy would help….

    34. Andrea says

      I should be winning this book because i am pushing all my customers to use stateless desktop to get full decoupling between userdata/virtualdesktop/endpoint and it’s just so much better if you use ThinApp to deploy and manage your apps!

    35. says

      Hey Duncan,

      Thanks for the post and chance to win. I would like to win the book because I’m a big fan of VMware and the possibilities its software holds for those knowledgeable enough implement it correctly. Application virtualization can be a very useful tool. Having a reference book like this not only gives an historical perspective from which to draw inspiration, but then the in-depth product info gives one the tools to make it happen. I make it a point to read the latest books on virtualization in order to stay as up-to-date as possible and, I’m sorry to say, application virtualization is not my strong point. Reading this book will bring my skills up to date.

      Cheers and thanks again.


    36. Win21 says

      Will this book convert an IBM AIX administrator to a VMware administrator ? Real challenge… :-)

    37. David says

      I think Thinapp is one of the best Virtualization software ever made,so usefull ,practical and easy to use – I use it every day. I would love to read the book and learn more about Thinpp and all its great functions – David

    38. says

      I would like to win this book because I am deploying an 18,000 seat View deployment and NEED all of my apps as thin as thin gets! I have most of my apps virtualized and need to know all of the essentials and tricks of the trade to be successful. I promise to pay it forward once I get this ball rolling.

    39. says

      Last year a solved a big issue in my company with a Thinapped IE6. It was my first success in this field of virtualization. So I want to know more about Thinapp, and want to use it more professional way. This book may help me to get greater recognition in my work

    40. Greg says

      That’s the very last VMware technology I am not familiar with, at all… Would be great to have an opportunity to broaden my horizons (don’t to be confused with the product VMware) about Vmware portfolio…

    41. Sunshineknox says

      I deserve this book from all the others because I need an excuse to ignore my wife. There would be no better way to ignore her than reading up on some cool ThinApp considerations.

    42. Steve says

      I have been doing more and more work with ThinApp in recent months. Having a deeper understanding of the product would make my life easier and save me a lot of time. It would be nice to have this book as a knowledge source and reference guide.

    43. Bob Sutter says

      I have just begun setting up view at my job. I would love to get a handle on thin app to make the most use of our investment.

    44. says

      I’d love to win the book as we perform View Jumpstarts and roll-outs. I’m confident it will assist me by teaching me the things I don’t know, therefore teaching others.


    45. says

      I would love to win this book to increase my knowledge on Thinapp, especially in looking to round up our Cloud offerings. There are a number of issues we are meeting with MS App-v which I hope can be avoided by using VMware’s offering.

    46. says

      I am using ThinApp for several years now and I am building and supporting stateless desktops for my customers and employer. My goal is to virtualize applications for nearly 100% (with ThinApp) and I can use every documentation/hint/experience on the job to achieve that goal. I believe your book and your status as a ThinApp expert can help me/us to achieve that goal even better.

    47. harshvardhan gupta says

      why you would like to win this book?
      I like to know and understand application virtualization offering from vmware and also want to implement the solution in my organisation.

    48. says

      I would love to win this book. I need a new book for my vaccation in february when i have finished reading your book Clustering Deepdive. This will also help me provide better solutions for my customers.

    49. Matt says

      I would like to win this book because we have a bunch of garbage in house applications that I can’t get to thinapp correctly.

    50. says

      I would like to win this book because my company is about to start a poc with Thinapps and just looking to gather a much information as possible.

    51. Erik says

      I’d be thrilled to win a copy of this book as ThinApps get more and more in focus in my steps towards “the” optimized VDI-Desktop for as many purposes as possible.

      And besides, it sure is a great book, isn’t it?

    52. Martin Banda says

      The more I preach and teach about the world of VDI and application virtualization…the more I realize how much there is to preach and teach about it.

      This book would give a big boost into other “unknowns” that there are in VMware Thinapp which will help education and convert the many more I would stil love to reach.

    53. Wes says

      VMware software rocks! It has made my life so much better working in the IT Field and saved us a bunch of money. I use VMware products on the daily on multiple platforms and am just getting into ThinApp. Sounds like this has great potential and would love to be an expert on Application Virtualization as I have yet to meet anyone who is an expert. I have an immediate need for this software for mobile device deployment and testing and this would take my game to the next level. I appreciate the consideration, keep up the good work and take care!

    54. Mike C says

      I’m evaluating the need for thinapp from the small to medium pespective.
      Everyone knows how larger enterprises need a better solution but the needs of the small enterprise are forgotten.
      Thin and VIEW are the future of the desktops of the SME with cloud provision of the extended architecture .
      I’m truly boring I want the book because it will be a great read.

    55. Lam Viet Thao says

      Not using ThinApp yet. Hopefully i have a chance to read this book for free and i also want to know how ThinApp helps organizations in software virtualization :)

    56. says

      I would like to win the book, “VMware ThinApp 4.7 Essentials”, because not only I am a big fan of VMware products and technologies, but I follow you on Twitter and also helped your colleague Mark C to achieve 1000 followers recently! I think I would rate at least one of those two copies for such an original post, yes?

    57. says

      I’d love to get my hands on a free copy of this book for the following reasons :
      – I want to know more the product
      – I support the product
      – It was written by Peter Björk
      – Because I hope it’ll be signed by the author! 😛

    58. Francois Couture says

      I would like to win the book just to get myself into the ThinApp world. The product seems so interesting that to have the chance to get a hand on a book like this would be great!

    59. Bonnie Bauder says

      Hmm. I’d like to win this book to prove a point. We’ve been a Citrix shop for 10+ years. I’ve introduced VMware into the fold for the server platform, but I’m still working toward the application virtualization realm. I think the Citrix admins need to read this book.

    60. Neil Barnes says

      I would like to win this book so I can put my Xenapp book under my wobbly desk leg. And can use thinapp instead.

    61. Jake Abbott says

      I have been thinking about giving ThinApp a trial in our enterprise and this book could help make that happen.

    62. says

      I would like to win this book beacuse I am new to virtualization. My company will be rolling out thin apps in Q1 of 2013. I really think this book would help me out and get me up to speed so I can contribure more to my team. Thank you.

    63. Matt Boyd says

      My company and I are facing several challenges with many public safety related applications. We have a lot of legacy software that refuses to run on anything other than XP or doesn’t like 64bit etc etc. As well we have applications that rely on Java or other frameworks. When you put all of this together it makes things very difficult to manage. I have looked at ThinApp briefly but honestly I just don’t know enough about it. I would love to leverage the capabilities of it to potentially overcome some of the challenges stated. Thanks for the oppurtunity!

    64. Ken says

      I’d love a copy of the book since I haven’t had the opportunity to use or try ThinApp yet and this would give me a reason to get my feet wet.

    65. says

      Hi Peter

      You have helped me with some thinapp projects. To get me an even brighter future in application virtualization, the book would probably get me there.

      /Andreas Buevik

    66. Raj says

      This would be great resource for me. My organization has rolled out about 500 iPads, but MS Office functionality is one thing users definitely want. We are running Vmware View on our thin clients as well as our iPads. ThinApp intergration would be the next progression. This book looks like a great resource.


    67. Grant Orchard says

      I’d like to win this because my vSphere Clustering Deepdive books are getting lonely 😉

    68. mauro says

      I do not find any italian blog about thinapp, winning the book will help me to start the first one.

    69. says

      We are currently have View 5.1 in our environment but we did not started with App virtualisation so this book will be a good start :)

    70. says

      I’d like to win this book so I finally got an excuse to start spending time to ThinApp and start thinking about how to get this working in our infrastructure to simplify app delivery.