Cool Tool update: RVTools 3.4

It has been a while since I blogged about RVTools, but I just received an email from Rob saying that there is an update out so I figured it was about time. RVTools is in my opinion THE best free and independent tool out there for a vSphere enviroment. This is a must-have tool for every virtualization admin / consultant!

I have used it many times in the past, and I can tell you that it helped me digging up some nasty inconsistencies in environments and misconfigured VMs etc. I am surprised that none of the monitoring/reporting vendors has approached Rob to sponsor the tool itself… Especially considering RVTools was downloaded over 150.000 times so far.

What’s new for RVTools 3.4?

  • Overall performance improvements and better end user experience
  • VI SDK reference changed from 4.0 to 5.0
  • Added reference to Log4net (Apache Logging Framework) for debugging purpose
  • Fixed a SSO problem
  • CSV export trailing separator removed to fix PowerShell read problem
  • On vDisk tabpage new fields: Eagerly Scrub and Write Through
  • On vHost tabpage new field: vRAM = total amount of virtual RAM allocated to all running VMs
  • On vHost tabpage new fields: Used memory by VMs, Swapped memory by VMs and Ballooned memory by VMs
  • Bugfix: Snapshot size was displayed as zero when smaller than 1 MM
  • Added a new preferences screen. Here you can disable / enable some performance killers. By default they are disabled

Go and download it and give it a try, I am certain it will discover things you did not know about…

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    1. says

      I’ve been using this tool for quick vCenter infrastructure reports and everytime new released brought new features/value added. I was wondering if Robware would be able to add a tab/report power on and power off function into the tool? Reasons is we generate thousands of VDI sessions and we have scripts to auto build the sessions 500 sessions each, and its important to know which sessions on/off status and LUN capacity would be cool. Thanks for the great tool though.

    2. Arvind says

      Does this work on the basics of SNMP configuration on a host.i was checking this and was comparing to a case i handled a little while where the customer was asking for OID values.After digging in a little deep i found that the MIB values have OIDs in them similar to vCpu,vMemory etc which are the same values thats being displayed here on this tool.Though the MIB values are good for a download,if a customer asks for OID values, am guessing we could provide this as an option as well.Also wanted to check if using this tool triggers any alarms in case of any spikes ?

    3. Deepu says

      Great tool. A Must for VMware admins. Appreciate the effors from Rob and I wish him good luck.