New book in town: vSphere Quick Start Guide

Months ago I shared an idea on Twitter about starting a “super blog”. This “super blog” should have contained the top articles of some of the best VMware or virtualization bloggers around. I asked myself what the added value would be and came to the conclusion that there already were many “super blogs” around. Although the “super blog” idea died a slow death the urge to collaborate with others on a challenging project still lived on. (Although Stephen Foskett picked it up and created Gestalt IT at the time.)

This is when the idea of a book series was born, which I for obvious reasons did not share with the twitter community. This book, and hopefully the rest of the following books, is written by six well known VMware community members. I don’t think they need further introduction so here are there names: Bernie Baker(thanks Chad for the tip), Thomas Bryant III, Stu Radnidge, Dave Mishchenko, Alan Renouf and myself of course.

The original idea was to publish a series of short topics, deep-dives, with each book limited to 150 pages, pocket size, sold at a minimum price and completely “diy”. For those unfamiliar with the term “diy” it means “do it yourself”. In other words we do not have a publisher helping us or funding it. We also don’t have a marketing budget, so we are relying on you guys to spread the word and we will be relying on for distributing/selling it.

When we started outlining our first book Ron Oglesby gave us the opportunity to rewrite the Quick Start Guide he and his team at RapidApp published in March 2007. We all agreed that this would be a good start of the series. Thanks again Ron! Of course this book will exceed the limit we agreed on of 150 pages, but it is worth it. We hope to get it done before VMworld and bring a couple of copies to VMworld but the clock is ticking fast and we are not there yet. We will keep you informed!

I just hope we can get all you guys as excited about new technology and VMware products in general as we are!

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    1. cskow says

      Wow, great idea. Always looks better to the customers to pull out a book than google :)

    2. pajenson says

      Certainly let us all know when it is available, I’ll buy one and spread the word.

    3. Tom says


    4. Dennis Bray says

      I can’t wait to get my hands on these books. The RapidApp Quick Start guide is in my bag and passed around my classes all the time.

    5. richard says

      if u need a proof reader i know someone who’s real good. i liked ron last book but even i noticed quite a few typo’s

    6. says

      Hi Duncan, this book sounds great.

      Do you think you could get one of the UK guys to bring some copies to the UKVMUG in Sept? I wont be a VMWorld



    7. download_jfbu says

      I’m a beginner and i’m gladd for material like this. Is very usefull. Thanks a lot :)