Liking the VMware EVO:RAIL look? How about a desktop / phone wallpaper?

Dave Shanley (lead engineer for VMware EVO:RAIL) dropped me an email with an awesome looking wallpaper for desktops and smart phones. I asked him if I could share with the world and I guess it is needless to say what the answer was. Grab ’em below while they are still hot :). Thanks Dave! Note, that each pic below links (so click it) to Flickr with various resolutions available!

Desktop wallpaper:

evo:rail desktop wallpaper

Smart phone (optimized for iPhone 5s):

evo:rail smartphone wallpaper

Day 3 and 4 report #VMworld

I was planning on writing up a Day 3 at the end of Wednesday but ended up at the VMworld party instead. Lets start off with Wednesday by itself though. I had a couple of sessions scheduled. A session on VMware EVO:RAIL in a slightly bigger room than the session on Tuesday (6x as big) and a panel session. The EVO:RAIL session went great in my opinion. Lots of good feedback after the session and a couple of great questions. It looks to me that everyone understands the value of a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Appliance offering from VMware and OEM partners. The simplicity of management and configuration, the “one stop shop” approach for procurement and support, and the auto-scale out functionality are just some of the key things that were mentioned as value add! Judging by the number of people that showed up to the session and did the lab and visited the zone… VMware EVO:RAIL will be a success.

After this session I walked around the solutions exchange for a bit just to wind down and then I had the panel session with Rick, William, Scott and Chad. Funnily enough the category of questions we received was different this time. Still many EVO:RAIL questions, but a bit less NSX and a bit more generic questions around home labs etc. Derek was there again and he did a great job of capturing most of the Q&A, make sure to read that.  Good attendance, good audience participation… Lets hope it will be the same in EMEA!

VMworld party… What can I say other than: I am not a big fan of the Black Keys. All songs sounded the same, and I only really liked Lonely Boy. Judging though by the crowd going wild it probably is just me.

Thursday was a busy day for me with customer meetings. Some great conversations around the future of the datacenter, the state of converged infrastructures, practical discussions around distributed switch failure domains, stretched clustering and of course containers. I also managed to sit in on a session by Christian Dickmann on troubleshooting Virtual SAN. If you missed that one, make sure to watch the video as it had some interesting tips. Especially some of the troubleshooting commands for RVC. At the end of the day I hung out with Cormac, Fred Nix and Rawlinson, had a couple of drinks and somehow ended up at the DNA Lounge watching Corrosion of Conformity. Nice way to end VMworld to be honest, away from everything related to technology… just some nice noisy music too unwind :)

Now what? Well I am going to take a couple of days off just to get some rest… and then the preparation for VMworld EMEA will start I guess. If you have not registered yet, do so before it is too late. I promise it will be an interesting event!

I want to thank everyone who took the time to say “hi” at VMworld, I truly appreciate it and always love to hear feedback on material I wrote or just have a general conversation about what challenges people are having in their datacenters. It is always nice to know who reads your stuff. Also, it was great meeting up with many friends whom I had not seen in a long time.

Once again, great event… Thanks VMworld team for putting up another great show, and lets repeat this in Barcelona!

Day 2 #VMworld Report

Day at VMworld, today was going the be the first of 2 EVO:RAIL sessions for me… but before we get there first the keynote. The keynote was great in my opinion. It felt a bit more loosened up than last year and it looked like they were having fun up on stage and that seemed to resonate well with the crowd. There were a couple of things which stood out to me: CloudVolumes, Project Fargo (VMFork), EVO:RAIL and of course the awesome integration of vCAC an NSX / VVOL / VSAN.

After the keynote I had to go straight to my session on EVO:RAIL. I presented with Dave Shanley, the lead engineer, and the room was packed. This session was a repeat which unfortunately ended up being scheduled in a room which was way too small. They managed though to let 50 extra people in, standing room only! However, there were still people waiting in the hallway all the way too the end and around the corner. I hope that those who did not get in will be able to make the session today in Salon 7 in the Marriott at 11:30 as it fits way more people. It was a good session in my opinion and we received some excellent feedback. The best feedback came from two of our direct competitors who both acknowledged they loved the user experience and the simplicity that EVO:RAIL offers.

After my session I went straight to the EVO ZONE. Wow, that place is packed every minute of the day, and when I say packed I mean packed. Great interest from customers and partners around what it is, what it does, and how they can buy one. Some awesome conversations with a customer who had a use case for ROBO deployments, 1500 sites, he said: No longer will I need skilled IT people to manage those site because of the simplicity of this interface but also the deployment mechanism. You inject a “JSON files” with all configuration attributes and then click “just go” and you are done in minutes.

At the end of my booth visit I walked around the solutions exchange and met a lot of great folks. After that it was time for the Office of CTO party. It was great to see a lot of people at the party I had not seen at the event yet. It was definitely a well organized event, with great food, music and people.

Call to action: #VMworld attendees, please give back and throw a paper airplane!

Yesterday at VMworld I went to the hangspace as my friends from the VMware Foundation were there. They have a great section in the hangspace where you can give back to the community by simply throwing a paper airplane. The program is called “Destination Give Back” and is a great opportunity for VMware to share our values through YOU, the community / customers /partners!

Before I explain how it works, the VMware foundation committed to donating a maximum 250.000 dollars.

How It Works:

  • As a member of the VMware community, we invite attendees to have some fun and Give Back with us by flying a paper airplane.
  • Attendees, learn about a few sample causes (Children, Education, Environment, Human Rights, Women and Girls) selected by VMware employees through the stories on display, and choose the cause they are passionate about.
  • People get to test their ingenuity by building and flying a paper airplane for the cause they have chosen. The distance the plane traveled determines the amount that will be donated by the VMware Foundation to the cause of choice.

So to be clear, you as the person throwing the plane will not make the donation… throwing the plane as far as you possibly can is all you need to do. The farther it will go, the higher the donation will be. 83 feet is the record so far. So make sure to stop by at the hangspace, spent 2 minutes of your VMworld time and give back!

Day 1 #VMworld Report

It is Monday evening and this morning the madness started, VMworld 2014. Pat Gelsinger’s keynote was of course up first and the highlight for me was definitely the unveiling of the project (EVO:RAIL) I worked on for the last 18 months or so. It is just amazing to see everything come together, a huge engineering effort, the architectural aspects, business development and alliances work etc etc. So many things going, a truly unique experience to take a something from conception to release. I am glad I was provided the opportunity to have this experience and be part of this team. What I personally found interesting about the keynote, and also Carl’s talk, was the customer angle. Many different testimonies from customers who have been deploying SDDC in their datacenters with explanations of how it simplified their life. Also the vCloud Air announcements were interesting, that is definitely a space I will be watching in the future. I can’t wait for Ben Fathi’s keynote tomorrow, as we will get more tech detail and cool demos. I am hoping I will have a wifi connection tomorrow, so I can do some tweeting or life blogging etc.

After the keynote I had my first session… Well not really “my session” but a nice collaborative effort of many people, but the father of it all was Vaughn Steward. Vaughn invited me to be part of the VMware team on a Gameshow. The gameshow was a bit chaotic to be honest, there were some challenges with the slidedeck which is a shame, still I hope people enjoyed it though. I thought it was entertaining, but there is definitely room for improvement.

Second session of the day was with fellow bloggers/vExperts: Rick Scheerer, Chad Sakac, William Lam, Scott Lowe and I. As expected a fair amount of questions on NSX and EVO:RAIL. If you weren’t there, Derek Seaman managed to write down most questions and answers, thanks Derek! I always like these sessions as you do not know what people will ask and it is always a mix of technical to even personal questions. Early scores of this session are off the charts! I hope our repeat Wednesday will just be as good!

I am still heavily jetlagged, looking forward to tomorrow though, although I hope I will get a couple hours of sleep at least today.