VC Ops included in the VMware Horizon Suite 5.3

I was reading up on the announcements published today during VMworld. When talking about VDI/EUC with customers, and I am not an EUC guy so try to avoid this when I can, a couple of things always stood… First one was storage problems and the second one was monitoring. I think the announcements done today are a game-changer in that space, and I am sure that you will appreciate this:

New VMware Virtual SAN for Horizon View beta will deliver significantly lower upfront capital expense (CAPEX) and total cost of ownership (TCO) for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). The bundling of VMware vCenter Operations Manager for View in Horizon Suite, available at no additional cost, offers advanced VDI performance and operations management for large-scale virtual desktop production monitoring, advanced problem warning, faster time to resolution and complete infrastructure coverage.

How about that? I definitely think this a great step forward, and am happy to see that especially VC Ops is being included with the Horizon Suite. I can definitely recommend implementing it to those who own the Horizon Suite, and those who do not own the Suite yet, it might be time to invest. Please note that VSAN is still in Beta and is not been included from a licensing perspective but has been tested with the Horizon Suite. Use it in your test environments – play with it etc… but do not run your production workloads on it yet.  (Read Andre’s article for more details on the Horizon Suite.)

** EDIT, there was a lot of confusion yesterday about VSAN being bundled or not. Apparently the press release was only supposed to say that you can use VSAN with the Horizon Suite. There is no support, no bundling, no technology preview. **

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