vCenter Heartbeat installation and validation

Today the vCenter Heartbeat team shared a video with me that they created. This video shows the vCenter Heartbeat installation and how to validate the installation itself. The KB Video team blogged about it also today, and you can find there article here which was the foundation for this article.

This video is a first installment of a series answering the most common questions asked by the VMware user community when deploying vCenter Server Heartbeat. Whether deploying in High Availability or Disaster Recovery deployment modes, this video will offer key points, tips and considerations for a successful deployment.

For more detailed information you can find the links to the relevant documentation sites.
To familiarize yourself with the Heartbeat installation requirements, see the Heartbeat documentation page here.

For vSphere 5.1 documentation, see the vSphere 5.1 documentation page here.

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    1. Frank says

      Nice video, this has to be online a few weeks earlier 😉
      But the video could be a little slower. Very fast mouse clicker 😉