My Bookstore

I had various people asking why I didn’t make it easier to buy my books via my website. Greg Schulz from mentioned that he created an amazon store. So I took a peek at how he set it up and kinda did something similar. If you click “My Bookstore” at the top you will be automatically brought to a custom Amazon store. It will list all my books on the first page, paper copies that is. On the right side you have two more options:

  • Kindle Items – ebook versions of what I have published so far
  • Books by Friends – exactly what it says… books that my friends have written

Over time of course new books will be added to the appropriate sections. Thanks and I hope it makes things easier.

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    1. says

      Hey Duncan, that´s a pretty neat idea, at least for book that are on Amazon. I think I might do something similar for books I´ve reviewed, or that I recommend.

      If I ever write, or co-write, a book there is even more reason to do so…. :)

    2. says

      Hi Duncan,
      I was about to hand-build myself a new bookstore page this week, so was glad to see this tip. It saved me a lot of time.
      I’ve been playing around with it and found that on the “Get Link” page of the affiliates site, if you can grab an “inline frame” link. You can embed this element into a WordPress page. He’s my one:
      It saves the user being redirected off to an Amazon page and helps to make it look a bit more native.
      Cheers, Forbes.