TechPubs youtube videos

I just noticed these 3 cool TechPubs youtube videos, the techpubs channel has been around for a while and I have been enjoying their videos a lot. Recently a couple of new videos were released and I hadn’t gotten around to watching them yet, but these are definitely part of my favorites. One is on vSphere HA by the lead engineer: Keith Farkas (also a reviewer on our book), and two others are by Sachin Thakkar. Sachin is one of the leads on vSphere virtual networking features like VXLAN. I enjoyed watching these very much as they give a nice overview of what this feature is about in just a couple of minutes. I also personally feel it is nice to “get to know” the people behind this cool feature/technology…

Make sure to follow the TechPubs channel for more cool videos. Now it is back to christmas shopping again đŸ˜‰

vSphere HA


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