VMware Technical Journal, pick it up!

VMware just published the second VMware Technical Journal. This winter edition contains great publications on topics like vProbes, Paravirtual vRDMA Devices, Cloud Tenant UI design process, Storage DRS and FrobOS. There is also a nice introduction by VMware’s CEO Pat Gelsinger. Simply to much to mention, I suggest you just download it… I think it is a great read and it gives an idea about some of the things VMware engineers work on.

VMware Technical Journal


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    1. says

      Hi Duncan,

      I noticed the link isn’t working on the VMware website, when attempting to download the document, the link goes to a blank page with just the word “error” in the top left. I tried two browsers so I don’t think its an issue at my end.

      Maybe give whoever posted the link a tap on the shoulder and see if it can be sorted out.