1. Ronald de Jong says

    I saw an very interisting session about this on VMworld. Is this one of the areas you are working on, in your new position?

    I think that MP FT is one of the big selling points for virtualization in the coming years.

  2. Joe Tietz says

    Go Go Multi Proc FT! With this and application aware HA monitoring VMware will have full HA producted that does not need any 3rd party software. :)

  3. Brett says

    Hi Duncan,

    The survey was missing some critical questions that we have around SMP FT. We do this already with other products and remove all shared storage completely to allow metro FT. To do this we direct connect the 10GBE logging links so that if one server fails then the other knows via link down it is not in split brain. If VMware don’t want to do that then two agents on the network that send connectivity checks (another way we do it where direct connect is not possible e.g. metro) would be better than requiring share storage just for heart beating. All this is because we ship allot of FT systems all over the world for automated plants and shared storage is not an option unless we look into vSAN.

    Just my 2c worth but as possibly one of the biggest potential SMP FT customers keen to see what will make it usable.