Want to do some VMware Hands-on Labs but don’t have the kit?

Those who have visited VMworld and done a couple of labs know how awesome these are. Recently VMware announced that the VMware Hands-On Labs (HoL) would be made available online. You had the option to register for the beta and last week they announced the public beta was opened! On twitter some early reports are already popping up and judging by the comments people are loving it.




If you want to know more about the HoL portal make sure to read this blog, I played around with it various times… I loved it. Sign up and try it out. There is no excuse any longer for not having hands-on experience with VMware products, you don’t need to own a lab…

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      I have just completed my HOL-INF-02 – Explore vSphere 5.1 Distributed Switch (vDS) New Features

      This is great initiative from VMware side !!

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      Yeah, I´m totally agree, something that community really needs, not all the people, have home labs to work with, I made my first two days ago and I got impressed, and I read that new labs will come..