Out on iBooks finally – vSphere 5.1 Clustering Deepdive

It took about about a month to get this published, but here it finally is: vSphere 5.1 Clustering Deepdive on iBooks.

Yeah yeah, we know… you also want Nook and lulu.com says it is pending so that means it probably takes a couple of days before it is up on Barnes and Nobles as well.

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    1. Ron Hafer says

      Ordered the book and pages 209 through to the end of the book had a white stripe through the text and illustrations the length of the page. I ordered a replacement and it has the same issue. Some pages are still legible however most are not. Can someone please send me a pdf or replacement pages? I am trying to prep for the exam.
      Thank you,
      Ron Hafer
      1475 Wimbleton Woods Drive
      Fort Mill, SC 29708

      • Duncan says

        There is no PDF version of the book available. This is a misprint, out of our control as Amazon runs the printing service. i suggest you contact Amazon again.

        There is an ebook copy available for Kindle and iBooks for 7.49.

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