Number 1 virtualization/VMware Blog!

Eric Siebert (vSphere-Land) just published the results of the best VMware/Virtualization blog election today. Just like last year Eric rounded up the gang and recorded a very special edition of vChat. This edition features Eric Siebert together with Simon Seagrave, David Davis and John Troyer. During the vChat Eric and crew announce the Top 25 and comment on each and every single blog out there, they also announced the winners in the new categories that Eric created!

I would like to thank everyone for voting for me again. I am honored to be part of the list and humbled to be voted number 1 amongst so many excellent blogs, especially when listed with old-timers like Mike “RTFM” Laverick and Eric “Scoop” Sloof.

Watch the webcast for the full list, or take a shortcut and check Eric’s post which has all the results.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate a couple of “newcomers” who’s content I’ve highly enjoyed this year. Starting with Mr Chris “vCloud” Colotti… he entered the top 25 this year at spot 21. If you weren’t following his blog, make sure you do! Of course I cannot forget the newcomers category itself, great work by Barry Coombs, Josh Atwell and Andrea “the giant” Mauro.

Let me repeat what was mentioned at the end of top 25 list… all these bloggers are really approachable. If they present at a VMUG, if you see them walking around at VMworld / PEX / any other event don’t hesitate to step up and introduce yourself. Believe me, it is great to talk to readers and get feedback or just have a chat!

Once again thanks for voting! Make sure you watch that webcast. I loved every second of it.


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    1. says

      Well done, Duncan. Looking forward to another year filled with helpful and informative posts. The VMware community is a great hangout to be in. :)

    2. Brandon says

      How many times has this happened now? :). Good to see you still at the top. For me, this is always one of my first page visits when I get to work beyond the local news.

      Bravo, sir. Great work.

    3. says

      Congratulations and thanks for the mention, Duncan! Full disclosure I did vote for myself as the top blog that influenced me in 2011 but definitely had you next! The past year has been a great experience and I’m looking forward to much more blogging in 2012.

      Congrats again!

    4. says

      Congrats Duncan. You deserve your position (your blog probably is the first interesting virtualization blog, with good technical contents, that I remember).

    5. Greg Brown says

      I am a PC user. However, my children tried to change me to the darkside. They got me a MacBook Air, but they had VMWare put on because they knew I wouldn’t use it without still having access to my PC side. I have a USB Portable Super Harddive. Initially, when I plugged the harddrive into the MacBook, I would have a question as to whether the drive was to be used on the PC side or the Apple side. Now, I don’t get that question any more. It appears that the computer defaults to the apple side when I plug it in. I was looking for where I need to go to remove this default and have it continue to ask whether the harddrive is to be used on the PC or the Apple side. Can you help me? I got a feeling I may be on the wrong blog, but that may be one of the drawbacks when you are voted number 1 and you mix that with a novice using VMWare.