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Yes, it is that time of the year again…’s voting for the Top 25 Blogs worldwide has started again. I had the honor of placing 1st three consecutive times and of course this time I want to be first again, although this year more than ever there seems to be a lot of competition out there!

My personal Top-10 changed slightly as a couple of bloggers did an outstanding job the last 6 months and others stopped or topics changed. Bloggers like Frank Denneman, who published amazing articles on Resource Management and NUMA scheduling, Simon Long with his VCP-4 online exam and Nick Weaver with the Uber VSA really stepped up to the plate!

Instead of asking for your votes, I am hoping each of you will select the top-10 blogs based on quality, longevity and frequency. (I personally find length of the article irrelevant, content is King!) I did wanted to list my top 10 articles over the last 6 months:

  1. Overhauled HA Deepdive
  3. VMware vCloud Director (vCD)
  4. vSphere 4.1, VMware HA New maximums and DRS integration will make our life easier
  5. Aligning your VMs virtual hard disks
  6. Memory Limits
  7. Changes to Snapshot mechanism Delete All
  8. HA/DRS and Flattened Shares
  9. IOps
  10. VMware related acronyms

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    1. Justin Hensley says

      Voted. Thanks so much for all you put in to this blog. It has been an amazing resource for me since the beginning of my foray into VMware. I had no problem putting you #1.

    2. manythanks says

      so you do not get 60 days to test all including edge stuff and NAT etc without a license?