May the Force be with you

Over the last couple of days a lot of info has been floating around about VMforce. VMforce is a coalition between and VMware.  Combine VMware virtualization and cloud technology with Springsource TCServer and managed /hosted by one of the industryleaders in SaaS and you will have one powerful enterprise ready cloud. To prevent any misunderstandings: Springsource is the framework that enables the Java apps to be uploaded directly to the Cloud and run the app.

VMforce will be the first enterprise cloud for Java developers . With VMforce, Java developers can build apps that are instantly social and available on mobile devices in real time. And it’s all in the cloud, so there’s no hardware to manage and no software stack to install, patch, tune, or upgrade. Building Java apps on VMforce is easy!

  • Use the standard Spring Eclipse-based IDE
  • Code your app with standard Java, including POJOs, JSPs, and Servlets
  • Deploy your app to VMforce with 1 click

With VMforce, every Java developer is now a cloud developer.

I received the following links to several videos on youtube which are worth watching if you want to get familiar with what VMforce has to offer”

  1. What is VMforce?
  2. VMforce Customer testimonials
  3. Paul Maritz (VMware)
  4. Marc Benioff (
  5. Parker Harris( and Rod Johnson(VMware)
  6. Dave Smoley CIO of Flextronics
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    1. Matt says

      Just a quick correction – Parker Harris is a Salesforce person, not a VMware person.

    2. Carl Skow says

      We had a discussion on this at work today. Most of my department’s job deals with providing a java hosting environment, and these sorts of offerings do them better than we can. Once competition heats up on services like this, clouds are going to kill a lot of jobs at a lot of enterprise organizations.