esxcfg-boot -b?

I received a very valid question today around the command “esxcfg-boot -b”. In my article about increasing the Queue Depth “esxcfg-boot -b” is part of the procedure. However if you look at the following KB article it isn’t for ESX(i) 4. The question I received is “why?”.

Well the answer is simple. As of ESX(i) 4 it is part of the standard shutdown procedure to run “esxcfg-boot -b” so that the initrd gets recreated automatically. In other words; As of ESX(i) 4 there is no need any more to run this command!

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    1. says

      Thanks for sharing it out, there are such n number of things in ESXi. It is very easy to find a firmware version of HBA in ESX, but in ESXi, I have to yet to come across a tool or place where can i get these details.

    2. Tim Fort says


      Thanks for the update. I was applying these settings to a new ESX cluster and after configuring the queue depth for the Qlogic HBAs, I rebooted as per the kb article and your post. However, after reboot, when I run the following command, it appears not to have taken:

      cat /proc/scsi/qla2xxx/? | grep -i “queue depth”
      Device queue depth = 0x20
      Device queue depth = 0x20

      Still shows a queue depth of 32… any ideas?