Cool Tool Update: RVTools 2.8.1

Rob de Veij has just released a new version of RVTools. The update only contains bug fixes but most definitely worth downloading again!

Version 2.8.1 (February 2010)

  • On vHost tab new field: number of running vCPUs
  • On vSphere VMs in vApp where not displayed.
  • Filter not working correct when annotations or custum fields contains null value.
  • When NTP server(s) = null the time info fields are not displayed on the vHost tabpage.
  • When datastore name or virtual machine name containts spaces the inconsistent foldername check was not working correct.
  • Tools health check now only executed for running VMs.
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    1. says

      It’s not just bug fixes. The first bullet is a feature I had been asking from Rob for a few months as it is important from a configuration maximums/host density capacity planning metric.